To bronze or not to bronze?

I am latey latey with the blog post. Have you noticed? The dog ate my homework…wait, not this. This summer the hot weather in London with being in air conditioning for 9 hours messed up my entire system. Every time these days that I tried to sit in front of the laptop screen- migraine! Getting back to the question about bronzing, damaging UV left behind, I would say, to bronze! I do realize that to be bronzed does not mean the same thing in every culture, but where I come from, looking slightly tanned is synonymous with looking healthy.

The older I get the more I hear how harming the sun rays are and thinking that I used to bath in them for hours when I was a child… The sun might make us feel healthy in the beginning but abusing it, it can actually age our skin. It’s useless saying how important SPF is any time of the year. This being said, I am looking for a new SPF. I am using the Anthelios from La Roche Posay but it irritates my skin if I use it three days in a row so I need a better solution.

I, personally, despite the fact that I am quite fair, I have the potential of getting a nice tan. This happens only after I attend the tomato competition because first I turn red (bright red) and only after then I start exploring shades of brown. Because of this and because of the lack of time, I started looking for makeup to give me that healthy bronzed look, but without the red, dry too tanned skin effect. I have three makeup products at hand that serve a a very similar purpose, and if you are into makeup, you’ll find an excuse to have all three, just like me.

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sun-kissed

This is my all year round bronzer. The shade suits me both at my palest or at my wow! I have actually been in the sun enough to get a tan. For now I only use powder bronzers so if I want to look healthy, sun-kissed as the name suggests – this is my go to. It’s easily buildable which means that if you have a light hand with it, you will barely see it on the skin, but if you repeat the process a few times – you have the potential of looking like a bronzed goddess.

bronzed | miss casual

bronzed | miss casual
can you tell how much I like it?

Benefit – Hoola (the original)

This is a tricky one for me. I received a sample of this in one of the beauty boxes and if you have watched makeup gurus on Youtube, you might remember that this bronzer was receiving everyone’s praise. It’s much finer than the Urban Decay one but this also means that if you want to build up a bronzed look, your hand has to be lighter than a butterfly. Personally, I think the problem for me is the shade. Probably the newer version, Hoola light will suit my skin tone better. When I did manage to get nicely bronzed though, the undertone of this bronzer looked like nothing else.

bronzed | miss casual

bronzed | miss casual

Too Faced – Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer

You might ask yourself – radiant matte? What a big fat lie that is? That is a contradiction! But somehow, when you put the bronzer on the face, it makes sense. On my skin, this looks like a matte bronzer except if I do manage to bring it slightly higher, to my cheekbones, it reflects a very natural glow. All honesty, this is my lazy product, the one I use all the time.

Despite the cutest presentation (it really does look like a pie) and the fact that the smell is yummi without being overpowering, this will give you a soft bronzed but blushy look. If I can’t be bothered putting foundation on and it’s just a concealer kind of day, this is what you see on my face to make me look healthy and slightly blushed.

bronzed | miss casual

bronzed | miss casual

What is your opinion on being bronzed? Do you think it’s necessary, does it make you feel any different and most importantly, what bronzer do you use. Liquid or powder?

bronzed | miss casual

Until next time…kisses!

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