Too difficult to choose…or not

If I were to choose what to wear for the rest of my life, trousers or dresses, I would be in trouble. I don’t seem to be able to choose between the two. I sometimes wear dresses for days and then I only wear trousers for months.

Why wear trousers?

They are practical! As simple as that! If you live in a windy place or in a cold one, you’ll understand why. Or if you travel by tube/ underground – we don’t really want a Marilyn Monroe star moment in front of a bunch of strangers, do we? Needles to say anything about the range of movement that trousers allow you to have.

The truth is, we have different moods when we wear certain clothes. Sometimes we dress according to our mood, other times our mood is dictating the way we want to dress. If you’re feeling self-confident, you might go for brighter colours and more courageous cuts that day.

Trousers are comfy! Ok, maybe you are not necessarily thinking of an Al Bundy melted on the sofa kind of comfy, but I’m pretty sure most of us will choose leggings or joggers for the more domestic tasks.

I might grow up at some point and decide that it’s time to look like a woman and only wear dresses, but with all the tailored feminine trousers that you can find on the market, that is highly unlikely.


Why wear dresses?

One word: elegance! And that they are girly, exclusively feminine if you count out the kilt, but there is no other way to epithomise the delicacy and strength of womanhood.

If we think about (lucky) countries where they have a tropical weather, the dress becomes a practical item. You need your skin to feel as cool as possible at all times. Trousers can be quite cool, but they don’t move with the wind to ensure the before-mentioned coolness. Just imagine a walk on the beach where the sand is very fine with a cool cocktail in hand and the light breeze in your hair. Do you see yourself in trousers or in a dress?

Gladly, we are past the time when if you were a man you had to wear trousers and if you were a woman it was mandatory to wear dresses. Now we really have a choice! Which ones do you prefer? Do you see yourself wearing only trousers/ only dresses? I still believe that they have different purposes for different moments and should be a matter of preference and not something imposed.


London | miss casual

Missguided – here

Zara | miss casual

Zara – here

Zara | miss casual

Zara – similar

London | miss casual

Stradivarius – here

notting hill | miss casual

Stradivarius – similar


fashion | miss casual

Asos – similar

punta cana | miss casual

Orsay – similar Asos

london | miss casual

Boohoo – similar Asos

london | miss casual

Vintage skirt – Gingham dress Asos

london | miss casual

Asos – similar



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  1. Gorgeous photos! Absolutely love all of these outfits and backgrounds! I have to say why the need to choose between the two?! I say wear both because we can rock both! πŸ™‚ x

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