Two makeup looks with Naked Heat

I might have promised a few posts ago that I will do a few makeup looks with the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay. I used this palette a lot lately and now I feel comfortable to say that I can do an actual review. The surprise is, even though I used it considerably more than the last time I wrote a post about the palette, my thoughts have not changed. It’s still a very concise palette colour-wise which if you are a beginner, it’s perfect because it will not allow you to choose colours that don’t go with each other.

With metallic and shimmery eyeshadows, we all know they are in general very good. They are easy to apply, have a good pay-off and they are easy to blend. With matte eyeshadows though, they are not always what we’d expect. Sometimes they turn out dryer than we expected, less pay-off and the biggest problem is that they cling to one part of the lid and don’t seem to blend any further. Not these ones!

I am more in a matte eyeshadows phase and also, the matte ones in this palette are really good so I have prepared 2 makeup looks using only the matte eyeshadows in the Urban Decay- Naked Heat palette. Also, I added a twist for both look, something that can change your makeup look completely.


1. Office makeup look

makeup look | miss casual


A very simple, almost natural makeup look. This is my go to for work because the colours are neutral and even though I am wearing makeup, it looks minimal. Also, if you need the sensation of lifted eyes, which is a few extra hours of sleep, using the darker colour in the outer corner will help you reach that.

makeup look | miss casual

As I told you at the beginning of this blog post, I am only using the matte colours in the Naked Heat palette and FYI – they were really, really easy to use. If you look at the first four colours, they looks so similar to each other but that is exactly the reason why you can create dimension easily.

To switch things up and to use another product that gets forgotten about most often, I elevated the makeup look with a liner which after drying, I’ve smudged lightly with the darkest colour in the palette. If you have hazel eyes, this colour will make them look so green!

makeup look | miss casual

makeup look | miss casual

This makeup look is still work appropriate, but it’s much more fun!


2. In a rush makeup look


makeup look | miss casual

It’s only now that I see that I should have brought the brick-red a bit higher, but in real life, this was not so obvious!:D If you are in a rush, this is the quickest makeup look. I still used the transition shades in the crease because I wanted to test-drive as many eyeshadows as possible, but truth be told, this makeup look would have worked just with the one main colour all over the lid.

makeup look | miss casual

Depending on what you use in the inner corner, this makeup look can be for day or night, the trick is – it is very quick to do!

Also, I wanted to use a highlighter that I don’t use on my face too much but ever since I had a friend over that played with my makeup and used it in the inner corner, it got used a little more.

makeup look | miss casual

This duo-chrome highlighter might be too intimidating to be used on the face, but on the eyes, we can use it however we want. Inner corner is easy but I was curious if I were to put it on top of a matte eyeshadow, would it still look nice and not make the eyeshadow move?

makeup look | miss casual

And as you can see, it does change everything. I applied it with my finger because it’s too fine for the brush, but it did not move the matte eyeshadow underneath at all. Yuppi, I’ll do this again.


Which of the makeup looks is your personal favourite and which one do you think you’d wear more often?


Another makeup looks video- here

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