Under £100 glam outfit from ASOS

Ok, I admit I am late writing this post. Christmas parties are long gone, even New Years parties are now just a memory, but I am not over the glamorous side of the season. Are you? This Asos outfit would have been gorgeous for New Year no doubt, but I did things differently this year. I actually started my year in a pink silk pyjama…it doesn’t get lazier than this, but now I am making up for the glam time I lost.

If you are anything like me and maybe need inspiration for a birthday party coming up or any kind of party where you want to dress up to, I have the solution. When I think glam, I envision sparkly textures, transparencies, maybe even metallic fabrics, heels, always heels and a bright lipstick. My choice is usually pink , but I’ve heard red is quite popular also (much more than pink, in fact).

I wish I could tell you that I am writing this post from a cafe with huge windows, overlooking a foggy London, not able to decide between another coffee or Prosecco, it would have been much more appropriate for the outfit. However, I am at my desk, cuddled up in a soft fleece turquoise throw on, sipping coffee from my fat cat mug. How glamorous reality is!:)

1. Embellished mesh top – Bershka (Asos)

This is the kind of top that you can wear with jeans and make them look less casual or you can wear it with the fanciest skirt and heels. It is however completely see-through so you might want to wear it with a bralette or a body-suit, or not…who am I to judge?

Even though it is a mesh top and my first instinct would be to stay away from it because it looks too fragile, it is surprisingly not. The mesh is quite sturdy but elastic and if you have a sensitive skin like I do, you should not that is perfectly comfortable. That was a nice surprise!


2. Pleated metallic skirt – Warehouse (Asos)

This skirt does not photograph as nicely as it looks in person…what can I say, we are not all photogenic:)) On the Asos site, I don’t always watch the videos, but this skirt needed the video. Even so, it did not do it justice. Because it’s a pleated one and has these very fine metallic lines along, it is hard to capture it’s beauty on camera.

This is another of those very versatile pieces. You can dress it down with a sweater, make it more serious with a shirt or party-worthy with an embellished top.


BTS aka. Behind the Scenes

We decided to start the year with our favourite thing to do, after travelling, and that is shooting. Who knows, maybe if you start the year this way, you keep on doing it more and more, and more successfully should I say, throughout the year. It literally was the 1st of January, the 1st day of the new year when we went to China Town in the heart of London, hoping that people are too hungover from last night to start overpopulating the streets.

Ha! How silly of us. China Town is almost never empty and surely, it was not empty on the 1st of the year either. However, I knew where we wanted to shoot and we decided some time ago that we should curate our Instagram feed a bit less and take pictures in the moment. If it was full of people, then let there be people.

Have you shot on a busy London street? It is intimidating! Even after almost 2 years, it still gets intimidating. Paul has seen that my energy starts going low, I start going back into my shell and be naturally, intimidated. So he starts almost yelling instructions (many people on the street) so I raise my energy’s pants up and crack on with it. I probably went into full entertainer/ diva mode because I see a funny thing happening at the corner of my eyes.

We were in the middle of the street…well I was, Paul was just a bit lower down so not really in the way. This couple sees us taking pictures, I presume, and decides to not intervene. Very nice of them! Next thing I see is that the woman does a few back and forward steps to go right between Paul and I and the man tries to go behind me. The man then sees that she can’t decide if she should in fact get in the picture, in between Paul and I, or go around, so he comes back to grab her anxiously.

We of course stop shooting and thank them and they were very politely apologizing for disturbing us when I started thinking. Who knows what kind of a witch look I had that I confused them so much.


Happy New Year kisses! (still)

TOP – Bershka
SKIRT – Warehouse
COAT – QED London
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual

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