Under £100 outfit from BOOHOO

Here I am with the second brand for the under £100 outfit series – Boohoo. I love doing these series so much and you seem to like them also. The first outfit was a more elegant one from Zara, but this on the other hand is a fun, urban one.

It seems that I am a true Leo and I am attracted to anything shiny. I was not always like this, however ever since I moved to London, it’s like I don’t mind standing out. Even though, walking on Oxford street, I can tell many of you girls, share the glitter obsession with me. I have told you this before, but I have never loved doing people watching more than I do in London.

When we think of Boohoo, we think affordable, many options for the basic white, black and nude cami, the basic black dress, the nude bra – you can find all of these. However, Boohoo has the very fun side to it also, where you have the occasion to experiment with sequins, metallic pieces, the over-sized trend and even the hot sexy mamma style also. Which style do you think I went for? Which style do you think would suit me? Let’s not drag it any longer and get into the outfit.

boohoo outfit | miss casual


1. The sequin T-shirt dress £28

This T-shirt dress was probably the spine of the outfit. I saw it and I immediately knew I wanted to put together a fun outfit with it. The design is over-sized so it won’t show much of your figure but that only means that you can go crazy with heels. I wore it as a day outfit so I opted to make it a bit more masculine with boots, but if you only change the shoes – you have a night out outfit.

Secretly, I always wanted to be a disco ball so I guess that’s why this sequin dress spoke to me. Keep in mind that we shot it during a gloomy Sunday, so it’s not as sparkly as I expected it to be. However, the moment any artificial light hit it, it became the star of the show. It’s definitely a night owl!

I also quite love the black stripe on the front, I think it gives it a sportier vibe, if being a T-shirt dress did not make it sporty enough. So I guess you can make it even sportier with a chunky sneaker which I must admit, I am still on the fence about. I guess it just one of those that you need to try to believe.

boohoo outfit | miss casual

2. The blush suit blazer £30

So I thought, how can I make this T-shit dress less sporty and more girly? So I went for the grown woman pink – blush and looked for it in either a jacket or a blazer. My first choice would have been a jacket, but I’ve found that they had so many details in the front that they distracted from the dress. And let’s be honest, I needed to tone down that disco ball. Then I came across this jacket and I knew it was the right one for what I had in mind.

My size is usually and S or XS so I can buy from the regular collection or if it’s tops and blazers, I can buy from Petite. The blazers though, I will need to roll up because I have quite long limbs so the Petite version will fit me anywhere else…except when it comes to my arms. I am telling you all of this because that is exactly what I did with this jacket. In the regular collection, they only had it in a 10 in stock so because I didn’t want to look like I am drowning in it, I went for the Petite one in 8. Et voila!

boohoo outfit | miss casual

3. The metallic bumbag £14

I am totally into the bumbag trend that already survived for two years and does not seem to go back to sleep. I remember my dad having one when I was a child, but then he also wore the other two trends that are so popular now : the chunky sneakers/dad sneakers and the long white socks.

When I thought about the sequin T-shirt dress with the blush blazer, something just became too put together for me, too toned down. So I turned the volume back up with the metallic bumbag, worn across of course. Surprisingly, it could fit quite a lot without becoming too big so this really is the perfect design to wear cross body.

boohoo outfit | miss casual

How do you like this fun Boohoo outfit under £100? Would you wear it during the day or during the night? I guess it could be a festival look. We had so much fun shooting this outfit – I feel like I haven’t worn something so humorous in a long time and I loved it. I will probably go back to my urban chic style after, but I loved experimenting with sequins.

What high street/ online brand should we do next?



boohoo outfit | miss casual

boohoo outfit | miss casual

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