Under £100 outfit from River Island

Autumn is almost gone but before it’s too late, I thought I’d share another autumn outfit with you. The “under £100 outfit series” continue with River Island, a brand I did not know much about until one day I went into the Oxford Street store and the time just flew. They have a huge range of everything, from shoes to bags, to clothing…which is what I am the most interested in, anyway. I feel like soon the time will come when I’ll be talking more about shoes and bags, but for now – let’s focus on clothes.

1. The orange animal print jumper – £38

Hey, kitty, kitty! If you know me well, you have probably never seen me wearing animal print. It is just not my style. I am a huge cat lover, but I prefer petting them and not wearing them. However, this animal print rung a bell for me. To me it looks more like a remastered animal print, something closer to a tribal print. For sure the fact that the jumper is orange and not the typical brown with black combination, helps a lot.

Technicalities: this jumper is cropped so what I like to wear it with is high-waisted everything. I need to have my waist covered at all times because for some weird reason, I get cold really easily so a high-waisted skirt or a pair of trousers are my go-to to complete the outfit. Gladly, the jumper is not scratchy -this kitty does not scratch! but it does shed hairs. One thing to keep in mind is that I have not noticed any shedding on the coat, but I did notice fluffs on the tank top I was wearing underneath the jumper.  Cats…

2. High-waisted leather skirt – £42

Funniest thing: we have been re-watching America’s Next Top Model partly as entertainment and inspiration and partly to educate ourselves. In one episode where they had a runway challenge, one of the girls had the tightest pencil skirt and she could barely walk, it was easier for her to jump. So she was advised to sway her hips so that she’d give herself “more space in the skirt” – as unusual as that might sound. And that is exactly what happened to me with this skirt.

It is the most figure hugging skirt that I have ever worn, high waisted, a nice thick belt to accentuate my waist and a nice little split in the front that is more for practical reasons than for “bringing sexy back”. That split and my ANTM teachings are the only reason I could actually walk in this skirt. I am obviously exaggerating, but truth is that when I walk naturally, my step is quite long so with pencil skirts, I might find myself fighting my outfit and not just wearing it.

Did I mention that this was a leather skirt? To me it seems like this River Island outfit could have gone wrong in so many ways – the animal print, then the pencil skirt and then putting these two “strong” pieces together…it could have been a train wreck. But for some reason, this outfit worked out. Do you agree with me or am I just staying here, at 8 am, writing this post and lying to myself. My coffee made me do it!


Coffee kisses!

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

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