Under £100 outfit from TOPSHOP

First of all, because it’s such a big event here in London, I must let you know that while I am telling you about my Topshop outfit, it’s snowing outside. Not the Michael Buble kind of snow, but the Metallica one, but then, can we be picky about this? If snow can ever be ungraceful, I am afraid all that snow has been sent to London to do it’s dance.

As you guessed by the title, this will be another one of the under £100 outfit series, this time focusing on Topshop. When I moved to the UK two years ago, I was not impressed to say the least. At that moment, I felt that maybe I am already too old for their style and the crowded store on Oxford Street overwhelmed me. We have come such a long way since! It’s either that their collections have changed massively or that my taste and sense of style has changed a lot, but I tend to think it’s actually both.

It is so easy to put together a Topshop outfit under £100. Even though it is not Zara affordable, it is still decently affordable and they have a great selection of office wear, party, lounge, casual…and everything you’d need really. What I needed now, was a fun colourful outfit, and that is what I’ve got.

1. The fringe funnel neck jumper

A very toned-down colour, right? This caught my eye the instant I opened the app, and this is what inspired the entire Topshop outfit. This is a statement piece, I agree, but it’s such a fun one. It is soft and non-scratchy, you know how important that is to me and something that might only count after a very tough workout or a long tiring day at work, it doesn’t weight a lot. When I saw the amount of fringe that this jumper is shimmy-shimming in my face, I thought it will be a heavy one, but no heavy-lifting here.

2.The satin stripe skirt

This is not a show-stopper like the other contestant for this Topshop outfit, but it is a very practical and elegant one. If I were to do the 10 outfits challenge using the same piece of clothing, I could easily do it with this satin skirt…not with the previous jumper though. For this weather, the skirt will most definitely require tights, it’s not the warmest, but because it comes slightly loose on the legs, you can even wear it with knitted tights and still feel comfortable.

What do you think about this Topshop outfit? Would you wear it or is it too colourful for you? I couldn’t have been happier with the location where we shot this outfit – Shoreditch. Maybe I’ll tell you more about the area in a previous post, but I have felt so comfortable posing over there.

Still snowing…

Hot tea kisses!

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under £100 outfit / topshop / shoreditch / fringe jumper / satin skirt / winter outfit / london / miss casual
under £100 outfit / topshop / shoreditch / fringe jumper / satin skirt / winter outfit / london / miss casual
under £100 outfit / topshop / shoreditch / fringe jumper / satin skirt / winter outfit / london / miss casual

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