Under £100 romantic (cheesy) outfit from River Island

Now, this is not the first time that I’m writing a blog post about a River Island outfit. This high-street brand has become one of my go-tos for fun party wear, outfits to go to the office or anything really that falls under the umbrella that I like calling “casual chic”. While this might make me sound like a fossil, the older I get, the more I appreciate good quality clothes and versatility. I have high expectations from what I wear even though the price tag is a friendlier one.

The outfit that I am teasing you with today might be perfect for a spring wedding where the weather is quite unpredictable and if you;re anything like me, you might prefer a long sleeved top. For the party appropriate detail, I have chosen the pale pink sequin skirt that is an item that might fall harder into your everyday outfit choices, but is definitely a conversation starter at a party.

The puff sleeve white top £26

Talking about versatility, there is nothing easier to just throw on than a white top. I personally get bored of simple white tops so I opted for this River Island puff sleeved one with tiny embroidery details. Lets just get something out of the way: just because my outfit is the white top with the sequin skirt, it doesn’t mean that you can’t split up the two items.

This top can easily be an office staple – just imagine wearing it with a pair of tailored trousers and stacked gold or my favourite, rose-gold necklaces. You don’t even need a jacket…well, only if your work dress-code asks for it, but even so, this could be a good replacement for that crisp white shirt for the after hour drinks. Wear the top with a pair of high-waist mom jeans and a cross body round raffia bag and you’ve got yourself a holiday / weekend outfit.

The pink sequin skirt £48

This is an outfit for a maximalist. This River Island beauty (that they had in black also a few months back) is an attention grabber. I get it, it is not for everybody, nor should it be, but if you happen to be one of those people who love a bit of “extra” in their life, this is a good option.

Just finished watching “Isn’t it Romantic” with Rebel Wilson – this is exactly what this skirt is about. Not quite the romaticized reality that Hollywood / Instagram has presented us, but pretty damn close to it. It is not a wearable skirt, even though comfortable to sit down in…surprisingly, but it has it’s charm. Will look just as cute in the previously mentioned crisp white shirt for those who work in a fashion focused environment, as it does with a dainty flower print top for a wedding.

Going back to the brand, to River Island…I have a confession to make. As I promised I will be more transparent about blogging and what it takes to do what we do, I need to share this with you. Now it might be a bot that they use on Instagram, that is set to like pictures with a certain hashtag, but I’ve used that hashtag for years and this is the first time that the brand has liked one of my pictures. It’s little to say that they made my day… aaah, the simple pleasures in life:D


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river island outfit / white blouse puff sleeves / sequin skirt / spring outfit / london / miss casual
river island outfit / white blouse puff sleeves / sequin skirt / spring outfit / london / miss casual
river island outfit / white blouse puff sleeves / sequin skirt / spring outfit / london / miss casual

Bebe Alice Puff Sleeve Bodysuit • Bebe • $69
River Island Light pink sequin tassel pencil skirt • River Island • $96
Penny Loves Kenny Oxy Pearly Stiletto Boot • Penny Loves Kenny • $89.95
Womens White button detail T-shirt • River Island • $33.34
endless rose Colorblock Sequin Skirt • Endless Rose • $63
Wide Fit Leather Stiletto Heel Court Shoes • Marks and Spencer • $69
Womens White puff sleeve T-shirt • River Island • Sold Out
River Island Pink sequin tassel pencil skirt • River Island • $96
Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel Pump • Sam Edelman • $58–102
Womens Purple embellished tie back top • River Island • $38.47
Tibi Silk Sequined Skirt • Tibi • $35
Steve Madden Nectur Strappy Stiletto Sandals • Steve Madden • $79.99

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