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Can you tell that I am on a skin care high? My skin has been improving over the past few months so I feel motivated to take care of it even more. The new step that I added to my routine is the vitamin C serum from Skinkissed. I’ve heard so many things about Vitamin C serums before, especially from people with acne prone skin but for some reason I didn’t take the plunge…until now.

As I might have mentioned before, my skin has been acting weird ever since I moved to London. The air is considerably more polluted, then the every day travel by tube and AC at work can not do any good to it. I complained before, here on the blog, about my skin being extremely oily and that it actually felt dehydrated so I was looking for something to moisturize it without clogging my pores or putting too much moisture back into my skin.

I mentioned my skin care routine before. It’s not the most complex one but it does have the basics: an usual oil-free moisturizer, an eye cream and a lactic acid based serum in the morning. When I started trying out the Skinkissed serum I was surprised at how good it fit in my existing routine. They recommend you use it twice a day, but I only use it at night. That is the real test for me.

At first, when you put it on the skin, it seems very oily even though it’s oil-free, but it’s quickly absorbed by your skin. My surprise came when I looked in the mirror and my skin did indeed have a very healthy glow but when I tried to see if it feels oily, it was completely non-slippery. Another bonus for me is that I don’t wake up oily after I use the Skinkissed serum. I am always surprised how come I wake up with so much oil on my face when my functions are supposed to be reduced and my skin is regenerating? Still, this is the first product that allows me to wake up matte.

I went on the Skinkissed site to check out the list of ingredients and after I saw them, everything made much more sense. I am dairy intolerant which does not necessarily gives me a tummy ache, but it creates really painful cystic spots. For some weird reason, even though I control everything I eat, I did have dairy a few days ago- I suspect Starbucks for it:D so the little monsters started to make themselves noticed and erupted on my chin. It would usually take me around 2 weeks for the spot to 100% be invisible and for the skin to be smooth. This time though, with the serum, it regenerated so fast!

I was telling you about the ingredients: it seems my skin reacts really well to Rose water, which is one of the ingredients, together with Vitamin C, Glycerine (which makes it a good makeup base), Hyaluronic Acid, and Marine Collagen. This cocktail seems to be working wonders on my skin because my pores are considerably smaller especially on the extremities of my face where I don’t usually get spots.

All in all, I am finally really happy with my skin care routine and how calm my skin looks lately (except that dairy eruption) so here I am to confirm something that has lately been a myth in skin care: Vitamin C is really good for the appearance of our skin, and it’s even better when it’s in a concoction as we find it in the Skinkissed serum.

Keep in mind that different skin types will react differently to skin care products, but if you’re looking for a serum that is hydrating and reduces blemishes, look no further 😀


This post is sponsored by Skinkissed, however, all opinions are my own and the truth is, my skin really looks better. If you don’t believe me, ask Paul:P



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skinkissed | miss casual

skinkissed | miss casual

skinkissed | miss casual

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