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The idea for this blog post came to me most randomly when I was watching bullet journaling videos on Youtube. I am perfectly incapable of drawing, I am more of a sticker (person who sticks things together, usually in a note book). I was watching a monthly spread for December…in March (:D) and I started fantasising about travelling. While at the moment the wanderlust is more than present, until May, it is highly unlikely that we’ll go anywhere. However, I would not mind reminiscing about my favourite cities in Europe that I’ve been to.


Let me start by telling you that this was my favourite city for the longest time. Ever since I went on a school trip when I was 16, I wanted to go back again and again. I’ve been to Prague twice only, the second time for an internship, but coincidentally, both my visits were in December. I don’t know if it gets better than this – with the Christmas decorations everywhere, X-mas markets, sausages and mulled wine at all corners, quite similar to another beautiful European city – Vienna.

What I can tell you though, is that the second time around I felt so alone. My suggestion for myself was that the third time I will visit Prague, it will have to be with my second half – there’s too much beauty to admire it alone.

Now, a secret place to go to. Carol Bridge during sunset might make you call your doctor because it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Even more beautiful is the view of it from Kafka’s house. From his house, you need to go a bit further down, towards the river, but be careful, you might be lured by the charms of at least one of the swans…they seem to like this view of the Carol Bridge as well.


Budapest / Top 3 favourite cities in Europe | miss casual
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Now this is a city that I’ve visited several times. First time was on the same school trip that later took me to Prague also. With this occasion we went on a boat trip on Danube at night. There is no better view of the House of Parliament and of the bridges other than the one from the Danube. I do need to warn you though, if you like you whisky on the rocks, let’s just say that if you leave your glass of it outside, the wind will take care of providing you the rocks – it’s that cold!

Just like London, this is another photogenic city, everywhere you look, there is something to capture. By the way, you don’t know what the third city is yet, only if you’ve peeked a bit further, but I can tell you it’s not London. The reason is not Brexit which makes it hard for everyone to decide if the UK will still be part of the EU or not, but because I live here so it’s not fair. London had much more time to win my heart.

Did I mention that my parents spent their honeymoon in Budapest? <3


copenhagen / top 3 favourite European cities | miss casual
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Now this is the only city of the three that I visited during summer time so I have not experienced too much rain and fog as I usually see in pictures. At least during summer time, the city is perfect for long walks, bike rides or drinks on the canal.

First things first, if you go, I hope you know how to ride a bike. Just like Amsterdam, Copenhagen is packed with bicycles…and riders for that matter. I was surprised at how well organised the traffic is – so from what I’ve heard, they made it really easy for you to ride over there…compared to London where it seems to me like an extreme sport.

I might be biased about this city because the only time I’ve been to Copenhagen, was to visit a very dear friend of mine so it made the experience complete: long talks in the company of multiple glasses of wine, equally long walks, street artists who we actually sang with. Now truth be told, it’s more like my friend was singing who has an incredible voice and whom I will shamelessly plug right here – EIDNAMUSIC

All in all, my favourite city might be Budapest, but I long just as much to go back to Prague or Copenhagen, but then my wanderlust is mentioning so many other beautiful places that I’ve never been to. Have you ever been to any of these cities? What is your favourite thing about them? Which 3 European cities are your favourite?

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