Wedding guest outfit ideas

It’s the season to be…not jolly but attending weddings either as a guest or who knows, maybe it’s the year when you are “attending” your own wedding. So I thought, what could be more appropriate than a post about wedding guest outfit inspirations. Whether you’re looking to be the elegant guest, the floral bohemian type or the sexy chic, stay tuned for some ideas.

A few days ago, a friend of mine texted me saying that she is going for a wedding, where she doesn’t know the bride and groom too well and she was curious what ideas I came up with. First of all, it depends a lot on the wedding theme and even more, if there is a particular dress code. Also, the golden rule – never wear white as a wedding guest…only if you are going for an unconventional wedding where the bride is wearing something else.

There are a few safe options like a tailored dress, but if you are not the dress type of girl, than what? I actually made a Pinterest board entitled “Wedding Guest” where I pinned my choices for a conventional guest outfit, but something for those who like trousers and…I may or may not have pinned a few hipster options.

Now, are you ready to be bombarded by a ton of pictures?

wedding guest outfit / wedding outfit / midi dress / asos dress / tower bridge / london / miss casual
wedding guest outfit / wedding outfit / asos dress / midi dress / london skyline / london / miss casual
wedding guest outfit | wedding outfit / neon rose dress / safari print dress / summer outfit / covent garden / london / miss casual
wedding guest outfit / river island outfit / white blouse puff sleeves / sequin skirt / spring outfit / london / miss casual
wedding guest outfit / zara outfit / under £100 outfit / ballerina outfit / spring outfit / london / miss casual
wedding guest outfit / pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
wedding dress outfit / february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual

And even more…

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