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It is Thursday morning when I am writing this and I find myself behaving as if I was in Uni. Did anyone else do this? Every time I had to learn for an exam,  I was overtaken by an urgent urge of cleaning my space…just to delay the studying a bit longer. This is what I am doing now. It’s the day I am usually posting and I have a ton of notes that I took a few days ago when I started thinking about the subject of success, but still, I am reluctant when writing this blog post.

My thoughts go like this: why would you be interested in my opinion about success? Do I hold a different opinion to the rest of the people on the street? Probably not, or better said, depending on which street. So I started overthinking things as I did when I was delaying launching the Miss Casual blog, but not anymore. I have found the trick to shut up my insecure mind: I will do it for myself. I will write what success means to me for those days when I feel down and I need a bit of motivation.

The simplest way I can define success is to say that it means to keep on going. Whatever you are doing, whatever I am doing, if we believe it is what we want to do for the rest of our life, but it is not yet acknowledged by the rest of the world, just keep on doing it, until the world blinks in your direction. My hyper-logical mind tells me this: if you keep on going/doing, chances are that you can become successful, if you stop, it is clear that you will not. So isn’t “to keep on going” the path to success?

Ballet and the little successes

Some of you might already know that I studied ballet. From being between those four walls, one of them completely mirrored, I learned more about life than I did from the pub. Ok, I did go to the pub to have a beer (very lady-like!) and to exchange the ideas I had in between those four walls, but nonetheless, they were not born there. In ballet, because it is a form of art that is so unnatural for the body, everything takes time. Good things often take time.  You have the system written, you know how your move needs to look like, but you will spend years looking at yourself in the mirror knowing that you are doing something that needs to look completely different, something that needs constant improvement.

And then, if you keep on doing it, things will start falling into place…ok, I don’t like associating ballet with falling, so let’s rephrase – things start looking more like they should and less like they shouldn’t. In ballet, success is in the smallest of details. From one piruete (turn), you manage to do two. Than after some time, you manage to end the second piruete gracefully, following the technique. It is all about the little successes that you need to be aware of and those are the ones that will motivate you to keep on going.

If this was not destiny, I don’t know what it was…

Does anyone remember Ipods? I had one of those when I was a teenager and we were inseparable. I loved music and I sill do, but then I was obsessed. I could listen to it non-stop. Even when I did something that required my concentration, I would play ambient music. The first one that pops into my mind now is A Balearic Breakfst.

Like everything we overuse, my Ipod broke down. Dad took it to be repaired by one of his friends and gladly, in a few days it was in my possession again. The only thing is, the guy said, is that he had to erase absolutely everything on it. It was no problem for me because I’ve been listening to that music for so long, I knew it by heart and I could find it again. When my Ipod got home (yes, it had the status of a pet), I held it in my hands and it looked the same, weighted the same, but when I turned it face-down, it was different. This was not my Ipod and I knew it because this was much smarter than my Ipod. This one said: “The secret to success is constancy to purpose”


I have recently started reading the biographies of men and women who became successful. Paul keeps on telling me that they will for sure not write about their own key to success but I don’t expect them either. I don’t believe the key to success is a universal key. If there really is one feature in common that all of these keys have that must be patience and constancy. However, I am reading these biographies for the subtle messages: how did they think, how did they act, what inspired them? Also, with this I am proving to my lazy-self that even people who come from humble beginnings, do become successful so it is not just a matter of having the capital.

With all of these in mind, I am writing a mental plan of action for our path to success which I believe any young entrepreneur who stumbled upon this blog post will relate to.

Cereal kisses!


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Zara / success / entrepreneur / happy / miss casual
Zara / success / entrepreneur / happy / miss casual
Zara / success / entrepreneur / happy / miss casual
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