What to pack for an All-Inclusive holiday?

Most of us choose the All-inclusive option when going on holiday because it is terribly convenient. I admit I am one of the laziest people when it comes to food and by this I mean that I’d rather do something else (anything else) than cook, but I  won’t go for junk food, more likely, raw food…or how I like to call my way of cooking – throwing things together. So this is one of the biggest advantages for me, but there are many more.

Most people will agree though, that the best thing about an All-Inclusive package is that you can walk around your resort, eat and drink as much and as often as you want without even bringing money with you. It might seem terribly strange at first, or you might even feel vulnerable, but really, after you get used to it, having your pockets empty feels more like therapy.

With all the advantages of the All-inclusive, there are some things that they don’t offer and probably they  shouldn’t either because the preference is too personal. Let’s tackle a few of the things that you will  need to pack with you wherever you go, regardless of the fact that the holiday is All-inclusive or not.


Most people will not wear a full face of makeup when laying in the sun by the pool or even less on the beach, but every makeup aficionado knows that a tropical getaway is the time to play with crazy colours that you wouldn’t otherwise wear in the big cities…only maybe if it’s a tropical climate one.  Most days I had my tinted moisturizer with SPF on (La Roche-Posay – Anthelios XL) and brows and I felt more than ready to hit the beach, but during the evenings, encouraged by my newly tanned complexion, I experimented with oranges, teals and pinks.

2. Sun protection

I believe I don’t need to insist even more than I do, but sun protection is a must. Because we have not been in the sun for the past year, on our first day, even though we wore SPF 30, we went for a longer walk on the beach and we got burnt big time! Any resort will have at least one store where you can buy sun protection, but if you want to be well prepared for the sun with your favourite products and you don’t want to pay the tourists’ price, bring your own. My favourite products are from Hawaiian Tropic and we’ve used the mango and papaya one (SPF 30) for the first few days, than ran out of it and used the gel/oil formula of SPF 15 that smells like coconut and guava. Because Paul had his experience from Thailand, he insisted we bring the After Sun Lotion also and I agree with him on this one. It was completely worth it! After the tingly sensation that it gave at first, it cooled down our burnt skin so well.

IMG_9023 final

Another cheat tanning product that we had with us was the Loving Tan – Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream. This one you definitely don’t need…only if you want to take pictures in your swim wear the first few days that you are in the sun and you could enter a competition and be elected the next Snow White…just like me. It took me a while to apply it streak free, but once I got a hold of it, I loved the tan and shimmer it have me. What you see on my Instagram pictures, is purely that! No real tan, no highlighter.

3.Bug repellent

Another important thing: the mosquitos are hungry! The hotels are trying to spray every room and the lounge areas, but just to be sure, bring a bug repellent. Especially when we have so much skin on the view, it would be a pity to see and have the discomfort that the mosquito bites bring. Knowing myself, without this, I would have looked like a crime scene after our first evening there.

IMG_9007 final

4. Shower gel + Shampoo

Now let’s talk shower! We all have our favourite products and scents that we want to keep on using, but sometimes for the holidays, we’ll bring something with a more tropical scent, something that will remind us of that Pina Colada that we had earlier or of that coconut and mango juice. Most places will offer you the shower gel and the shampoo, but most of the times they don’t smell that nice or they are simply not suitable for your hair and skin type. Especially if you have coloured hair, and blondes will know that changing your shampoo and skipping the conditioner or the mask might result in a small disaster. So I didn’t try my luck with the Resort’s products and I brought to try the OGX Nourishing formula with coconut milk and my hair loved it! Of course, I couldn’t leave at home my trustworthy mask from L’oreal or my Morroccanoil Treatment, but they all worked with each other and protected my hair from the sun, salty water and pool.

IMG_8984 final

IMG_8975 final

5. Skincare

It’s the same story with skincare. You already know by now what works for your skin and what doesn’t and I do agree that together with the weather, your skin changes also, but certain things you can predict. If your skin is an oily mess just like mine, it won’t become a dessert just because you’ve been in the sun, so to keep it “tamed” I brought my usual moisturizer and eye cream from Kiehl’s. But because I attended the Glamour Beauty Festival and I had a few minis of some products I wanted to try, I also brought two face washes…excessive but I blame it on my curiosity – the Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming gel and the Caudalie Foaming Cleaser which I loved both. Another new thing that I introduced to my routine was the Pixi Rose Tonic which worked wonders! Even Paul noticed and wanted to try it.

IMG_9006 final

IMG_8995 final

These would be my main suggestions of the things that you need to take with you even if you go on a worry free holiday that an All-inclusive should be. Of course, there are many more other items that we need, but these vary from person to person. In the pictures attached, you’ll see more of the products that both Paul and I used during our holiday, but I didn’t want to make this blog post too long…mainly because I am one day late posting it and because a few hours ago we landed in London after a night long trip on a crowded plane.

I really hope this post will be helpful to you and please feel free to add other holy grail items that you would not leave the house without, I am curious to find out!


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