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Last year, I’ve written a similar post about my sources of inspiration. I will be honest and tell you that I have not yet peeked at what inspired me last year but I am curious to compare it against my list this year. How many Youtube channels, Instagram profiles, blogs are still on my list? I know on top of my head that I added a few new things that I discovered in the meantime, but I do have blogs and Youtube channels that I’ve been watching and reading for years.

Let me tell you, just thinking of what gets me inspired, gets me inspired. I watch the Youtube channels that I am going to mention while I eat, while I drink my morning coffee or even while I do my makeup and then when it comes to blogs and magazines, I spend 40 minutes on the tube twice a day so plenty of time there. I don’t watch TV, but I do watch this kind of entertainment. For me these are my sources of inspiration that keep me informed and yes of course, entertained.

Ohh Couture

I am pretty sure that this blog was on the list last year also.(I will only peek after I finish writing the main part of this post). Although her style has changed so much in the past year. When it comes to Ohh Couture (Leonie Hanne on Instagram), I have read every single blog post that she has published, especially for the pictures. They were the dreamiest, pastel fantasy that I’ve ever seen and she was always smiling. Every time you looked at her pictures, she made you think that you can be friends, this is how honest¬† and warm her pictures were. On top of that, I used to love seeing so many beautiful places: Cingue Terre, Hong Kong, Cuba, Dubai, New York, Tulum…the list can go on.

Now the blog has evolved together with her style of photography into something slightly darker, but the interesting part is that if there is anything new in fashion, she is one of the first ones to find out. Especially if you go on her Instagram, that is a huge album of inspiration from all around the world, but especially from the major fashion capitals.



This is for sure a newer blog that I started reading. This woman posts 5 days a week…how does she even do it? And when I say 5 times a week, I don’t mean that her posts are full of pictures from Pinterest and with just a few lines of writing – no, 5 proper long posts with her own pictures mostly. This blog is an inspiration both on the fashion side because her style is eclectic which is how I would describe mine also, but from a business point of view also.

I love how saturated in color her pictures are and how intimate the photos that they take at home with the husband and the two beautiful girls. If you are a mother, you can find a good example in her about how to balance your personal and work life.¬†The blog posts that I love the most are the business related ones where she gives advice to us who didn’t make it yet and the personal style ones. She also travels quite a lot so if you are just like me, into both fashion and traveling, you’ll love this one.


In the Frow

This is hands down the best written blog that I’ve ever read. Which is why I am so excited about her first book “The new rules of Fashion” that will be available starting the first of November which I pre-ordered and I am anxious to see it on my doorstep. Victoria from In the Frow gives excellent advice. Life / career related or even travelling, this is the blog to go to. Also, whereas the rest of the blogs that I read tend to stay away from the politics of fashion and influencers, this blog is quite vocal about most things that go on.

My favourite posts are either the travelling ones – India was gorgeous through their eyes or the business advice ones. Can you see a pattern with my inspiration preferences? I either like to be informed of what goes on in the business or I like to day dream with travel pictures that I wish I took myself.



I have subscribed almost a year ago and have read every single page of everything that was published since. Even Vogue’s style has changed a lot with the new Editor – Edward Enningful, but I find that there are more and more subjects that I am interested in. Also, when Christmas comes around, I love seeing all the editorials and the beauty related articles that they have. Other magazines that I read quite often even though I am not subscribed to them are Harper’s Bazaar, Porter, HelloFashionMonthly and again around Christmas time, Country and Town House.


Makeup on YOUTUBE

One of the oldest channels that I follow is KathleenLights. I am pretty sure I have written about her before – she has a mix of makeup looks, product reviews and fun “chatty get ready with me” type of videos. Another reason why I keep on watching her is her lovely personality. Any time I need a boost of cheerfulness, I know I can count on her Youtube Channel.

Now a channel that I watch for the most on point product reviews is Tati. She also posts 5 days a week so she does get to try a ton of products on camera. I am just curious like that. Even if I don’t get to try the product myself, I am curious to know about it and Tati is a good source for that. More of a guilty pleasure are her PR Unboxing videos.

For the most on point technique that I’ve ever seen in a youtuber mixed with a lovely personality, is Nikki tutorials. As the name suggests, she does a ton of fun tutorials and my favourites, even though I don’t celebrate Halloween, is the week just before Halloween where she posts 7 in depth tutorials of Halloween looks. So if you do dress up, you know where you can get your inspiration from.



Actually, except my fashion ladies that I follow regularly on Youtube: IntheFrow, Song of Style, LydiaEliseMillen, Amelia Liana, the only vlogs that I do watch, are The Perkins. Desi is one of the huge makeup gurus on Youtube and together with her husband, they vlog PR trips, the occasional Victoria’s Secret show, trips with friends to exotic or icy destinations and are the most fun bunch.



Last but not least because this is where I probably spend most of my time, is Pinterest – the biggest library of pictures. It is no secret that I am a very visual person, but I’ve had my Pinterest account ever since I was in high-school and I have pinned every single thing that I can draw inspiration from. Only last year I started actually uploading my own pictures on Pinterest, but I love the response that they have and how big the platform is.


I just had a look at an older post about Influencers that inspire me and I am surprised to see that more or less, I still get my inspiration from the same people but I have added a few in the meantime. Now I would be curious, who do you follow and if you have any suggestions toward who should I start following on Instagram or Youtube or whose blog you think I would enjoy, let me know in the comments below.

Inspired kisses!

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

inspiration/ truflair jewellery / asos pyjama / reading Porter magazine / miss casual

All jewellery – TruFlair

Pyjama – Asos


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