Where to take pictures in Edinburgh

This was the first time that I actually did my research before travelling to Edinburgh. After I checked out all the cute places to eat (first things first, right?) I did my research on places where we can take pictures.

I was so surprised to find little or no information about photogenic places in Edinburgh so I kind of went with my tail between my legs thinking that we’ll have difficulties finding them. Except Calton Hill that was jaw-dropping and skirt-blowing because of the wind, nothing seemed to scream back at me from the pictures that I saw.

Finally, the day of the trip to Edinburgh has come so we woke up eye-soaringly early and by 6 am we were already on our way out of London…before the huge traffic jam starts. My surprise was huge when, after 7 hours of driving we entered Edinburgh and i was practically glued to the windshield taking pictures of the city. It is such a beautiful city and most important for us, so photogenic!

Now I can’t wait to share a few of my personal favorite locations, but if you ever go to Edinburgh for pictures, just wander around, you’ll find many more.


Calton Hill

Sequin Skirt Calton Hill Edinburgh | Miss Casual

White Sweater Calton Hill Edinburgh | Miss Casual

Sequin Skirt Calton Hill Edinburgh | Miss Casual


St. John’s Church + Princes Street


Ghillie Dhu entrance

Autumn Coat Edinburgh | Miss Casual

Houndstooth coat red belt Edinburgh | Miss Casual


View of The Balmoral

The Balmoral Tartan Edinburgh | Miss Casual


This is where our pictures have stopped. I blame it on the wind because we were more concerned with finding all the places where we can warm up and not so much with places where we can take pictures in Edinburgh. However, when our fingers were freshly warmed up from a cup of tea, these are the other lovely places where we just had to take a snap and who knows, maybe next time we’ll take pictures also.

Scott Monument

Edinburgh | Miss Casual

Edinburgh | Miss Casual


Museum of the Mound

Edinburgh | Miss Casual


Rose Street

Edinburgh | Miss Casual


I really hope you enjoyed this kind of a blog post. More like a travel Instagram guide to Edinburgh than a conventional travel guide, but we had so much fun putting this together that we might do it again.



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