Who wears the trousers?

Did I manage to trick you that this will be a post about relationships? If yes, guilty me! Hihi, I was a bit more literal this time, it really will be a post about outfits with trousers…maybe with a peaceful debate on who wears them and who is better to wear them.

Let me start by saying that my favourite place for trousers is on the floor. Now where did your mind go? I was only implying that if I was in such a rush that I would leave them there, I must have something really interesting to do.

I am personally, more a trousers person than a skirt or dress one. For some reason, I have always lived in windy cities and the taught that the wind will blow my skirt and I will flash everyone around, slaps me over my hand every time I choose a skirt. They are more practical, no unwanted glances when you go up the stairs, no skirts caught in the tube door. Also, not that I would climb a tree on my way to work but skirts do not give me a full range of movement.

Which one do you prefer: trousers or skirts? Do you think we’re loosing our femininity with the amount of trousers we’re wearing? I personally don’t. I think I can be just as feminine in trousers and ballerina shoes as I can in skirts and heels.

P.S. We are both wearing trousers…just not the same pair.


cool girl outfit / belt bag / cropped top / magnolias / spring outfit / london /miss casual
JEANS – Zara(similar)
casual outfit | reading | book lover | galaxy shirt | bow jeans | cute outfit | highgate | london
JEANS – Asos


animal print leggings | casual outfit | winter outfit | graffitti | london | miss casual
animal print | asos outfit | spring outfit | zara shoes | london | miss casual

Leather / Vinyl/ Metallic

shopping arcade london / winter outfit / yellow jumper / christmas decorations / miss casual
Vero Moda (similar)
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual
New Look
christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual / mustard knit / london / christmas decorations / vinyl pants / miss casual
christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual
trousers / picnic / preppy style / vintage outfit / isabella plantation / richmond park / london / miss casual

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