Why do we travel?

I  have asked my friends why do they like to travel and I was so surprised at the similar answers that I’ve received. On a second thought, I might have chosen them as my friends exactly for their similar way of thinking and considering that I am a firm believer that traveling helps people keep an open mind about everything, who doesn’t want open minded friends? Also, even thought it is a cliche, I do believe that traveling is one of the few things that you spend money on that actually make you richer, richer in experience. I see traveling as a long term investment – even though I love chilling out and watching all those hyped TV series, I am pretty sure I won’t be telling my grandchildren about them, but I will be telling them about my travel experiences.

One of the simplest, easiest answers to relate to that I got when I asked why people travel, was to get away from the weather. Now, when I was living in Romania, in a temperate climate where we had four seasons, each with it’s own wonder, I never understood why people would travel for the weather. After one year in London though, I understand them perfectly. Now I want to get away from the wind, I want a proper summer not two weeks of intense heat and then jacket weather again, I want to feel the hot sun on my skin and I know my vitamin D levels will thank me for it. I believe this works the other way around for the people who live in the hot climate, they might want to see some snow and ice from time to time.

Another easy to relate to answer was – to relax. Most workaholics will be absolutely incapable of disconnecting from their work and everyday worries unless they are taken out of their routine. Which brings me to the people who hate routine and travel exactly for this reason, to be taken out of that set of actions that they need to do every single day.

Somebody told me that curiosity is their biggest motivation which brings us to more complex reasons why people travel. Some of us travel to see people : sometimes this means traveling home or to see friends, but most of the time is the allure that a new culture has. We are curious to see how people talk, how they dress in different parts of the globe, how they live, what they eat, how they treat each other, how they treat strangers. Some people travel to prove themselves that what they see in the movies is actually inspired by reality. I, for one, regardless of my dairy intolerance, am very curious about the cuisine. I am blessed to have a mother who loves experimenting with food so she taught me to love other mix of tastes also, not just the ones typical to Romanian or Hungarian cuisine which fed my curiosity to try even more diverse meals.

Again, a lot of my friends told me they like to travel for the scenery also – the beaches, the mountains, the forests, the lakes, everything that is just mildly touched by human intervention. Regardless of the fact that is a natural one where hiking is involved, long walks or cycling or it is an urban one. We enjoy seeing different architecture even though we are not educated to see the differences as an art student or an architect would, we have to admit that it does bring an aesthetic kind of pleasure. Somebody gave me the example of Dubai – a purely artificial environment created in a dessert. It is absolutely spectacular what technology can do, which is again the reason why people who are into science and especially technology would want to go to a country like Japan that has a multitude of technological innovations.

I believe traveling and the fact that we see different cultures, places, habits, makes us more understanding of the diversity around and helps us not see this for the differences that there are in the world, but for all the things that we can learn from each other and for all the similarities.

I realize this is more of a philosophical post than I usually write, but I am one of those people who grew up watching Sex and the City and love going a bit deeper into simple looking subjects. Also, in two weeks we are traveling to an exotic place and I am so excited about it that I can hardly talk about anything else.

“See” you Sunday with a more laid back post, as the usual ones.


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