Why I love online shopping | Missguided haul

Am I the only person that is too lazy to buy clothes from a physical store? I would have never asked this question 2 years ago but here I am now, enjoying online shopping when it comes to my favourite brands. It seems I’m rather clicking than walking lately so I have a few tips and tricks and also a cute Missguided haul for you.

Gladly, most brands have an online store also which makes shopping from home very convenient for us (sometimes too convenient). First rule of the game – don’t do it on an empty stomach or when you’re bored – because you might end up wondering what was going through your mind when you brought a particular item. Sure, the free returns policy that all of the high-street brands have makes it easy for us to “make mistakes” while buying but do we really want to go through that fuss?

What I love the most about online shopping is the heart section – wishlist, likelist – whatever it’s called. I usually put all the items that I like in there and then, before actually committing and putting them in my bag, I narrow them down to the ones I truly love.

Another advantage for online shopping is the pictures. Or to be more exact, the models who can turn an otherwise uninspiring garment into a “take me home” one. While I might be biased because I love photography and observing how models pose, sometimes when we go into a store and see a clothing piece, we can’t imagine how it looks on…and clothes really transform when they are on so we need some help – the pictures. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I love clothes with movement so if I have the option of seeing a piece of clothing on before buying, and even better, a video of it, I am more likely to buy it.

When time is not a problem, sure, it’s a pleasure going into a physical store, actually being able to touch the fabric and also seeing how it sits on your body. However, online shopping is just so, so convenient for me lately. Everything is brought to the door – it can really not get easier than this.

On this note, I have mentioned before that I love online shopping for the fact that I can try the clothes at home. I am that practical that I need to see what I can match them from my existing clothes. Also, something that happened recently is, when the clothes don’t 100% fit me, can I make them work?

One of the items from my Missguided haul is a beautiful, flowy jumpsuit with a cherry blossom print. It fits me perfectly around the waist and bum, but when it comes to chest – I honestly can’t fill it in. What can I say – the ballerina in me shows when it comes to my chest. If I were to try this otherwise gorgeous jumpsuit in store, I would have probably given up on it. Because I tried it at home,I remembered I had an embellished bralet in a pastel violet that matched the colours of the jumpsuit and would hide my girls – if you know what I mean. So win!

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

JUMPSUIT – Missguided


The second outfit is the casual, everyday one. A simple but cute polka dot top, that would keep me cool in the heat wave that the UK is affected by, and a pair of light shorts. Beware, I am always a bit reluctant when I buy white trousers/ shorts and for a good reason. This shorts fit me beautifully, but if I wore them with any other underwear than the nude one, it would show. This outfit felt very very comfortable and good to move around in, but I have to be honest and tell you that it did make me feel slightly naked because of how transparent the trousers were.

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

TOP – Missguided

SHORTS – Missguided


Last, but not least, my favourite from the haul – the polka dot dress. This could have been a cute mess because of the polka dots and the ruffles, but it just turned out to be such a cheeky summer dress. For me it was fitted, but not too tight so I could breath in it and because of the ruffles and thin fabric that it was made of – it kept me cool. Which makes it a very good summer dress not just because of the style, but because of how it’s made also.

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

online shopping | miss casual

DRESS – Missguided


There is one more outfit that I will not show you in this post because we are going away for the weekend and decided it’s better to take it with us. We are celebrating our birthday in Paris!(spoiler alert!:))

All in all, which kind of shopping do you prefer the most? Do you still feel that online shopping is risky even though you do have the free returns policy? Also, I might have found a new favourite when it comes to high-street brands. I always though Missguided is a bit too sexy for me but then I actually went on their site and found everything from basics, to office, to party outfits, to hot mamma ones. Which of the Missguided outfit do you like the best?


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