Why Notting Hill should be called Something Hill

Bring your cameras or phones ladies, this is a place that you need to capture. I made so many jokes with my circle of friends about Notting Hill – Nothing Hill that it somehow stuck in my mind like that. But we couldn’t be further from the truth because there really is something in Notting Hill for everybody.

With the cute cafes where you can sip from your matcha latte and watch people on a sunny day, to vegan restaurants, to insanely long queues in front of restaurants, Notting Hill is really a neighbourhood to enjoy your free time. It’s a place where locals enjoy going out and it’s a place that has something for the tourists also.

If you are an antiques lover, you will find a lot of small boutiques for you liking in Portobello Market. This is also the place to shop for previously loved fur coats collars and so on or if you go on a Saturday, the entire street becomes a food market where you can have a taste of so many cultures’ cuisine.

In my post where I wrote about photogenic places in London, I mentioned Notting Hill, but we didn’t have that many photos from there. And this is because Spring is when the neighborhood is at it’s best. Westbourne Grove is “hosting” pink magnolia trees that are breath-taking and then, if you like walking about, you will find the most beautiful houses covered with wisteria.

The spot where I knew for sure that we’ll find wisteria was a bit empty this year, I don’t really know what happened, but this encouraged us to explore the area more, in the search of another photogenic place.

That is not to say that you can only take pictures during Spring time, I just meant that this is my favourite season for Notting Hill. We took a few pictures right before Christmas and you might have seen them already, but nevertheless, if the Spring pictures have not convinced you that you need to see Notting Hill, here are a few more pics to help you make up your mind.

So, when are we having an almond milk latte soaking up the sun in Notting Hill?


notting hill | miss casual

notting hill | miss casual

notting hill | miss casual

notting hill | miss casual

notting hill | miss casual

notting hill | miss casual

JUMPSUIT – Stradivarius

EARRINGS – Stradivarius



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