Yellow ruffles top in China Town

I just realised that I’ve written so little about clothes, but took a lot of pictures of them – does this count?

I remember back in High school that our minds were blown away by the Gossip Girl series. Not because it was simply one of the series that had a lot of fashion in them, but because the characters were so close to our age. I remember loving Blair’s clean and pretty style, but I felt closer to Serena’s : laid back elegant with bohemian accents here and there. So my friends and I, being inspired by the show, used to play a lot with the clothes that we had and recreate looks that we loved and wanted to wear so we needed to find alternatives. That’s the period when we started rummaging through charity shops (they were called London shops in my hometown – how appropriate:)) ) and even our grandmothers’ closet suddenly started to spark up an interest for pieces that we were not able to find in a store which had our age group as a target.

We played with clothes so much, putting together modern pieces with vintage looking ones or over-accessorizing an otherwise plain outfit. One thing I took with me from all this, was the pleasure of being unconventional with clothes.

Chinese New Year celebrations are over now, but I wanted to take pictures with the lanterns so badly and luckily, they were still on. So we took pictures of this outfit in China Town, early morning, around 7 am when we were definitely the only people caffeinated enough on the streets of central London.

Looking back at the pictures I realised that first, I took a small risk in wearing a colour I rarely do – yellow. Actually, I don’t remember the last time I did, but it worked out just right having the beautiful red lantern in the background. Also, like I did in High school, I mixed clothes of different “ages”: the yellow top is a modern romantic piece with ruffles from Chi Chi London, whereas my skirt was a gift from my mother’s friend. I received it maybe 10 years ago and I remember loving it so much especially because it was from one of the most stylish ladies I’ve ever met. Then, the final touch was the leather All Saints jacket that I borrowed from Paul’s closet. It was at least 2 sizes too big, but just the thought of wearing something that’s his made it special. Also, the fact that it was over-sized, toned down the very girly otherwise outfit and gave me cool girl vibes…or at least that’s how I think cool girls feel because I’ve never been one – hihi:)




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IMG_6810 final

IMG_6828 final

IMG_6818 final

IMG_6849 final

IMG_6813 final

IMG_6837 final

TOP – Chi Chi London

JACKET – All Saints

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